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What is Perimeter 81?

The Leading Remote Access Platform for Businesses

Perimeter 81is a fully cloud-based network as a service platform. We call it a "platform" because the solution allows each business to build their own network architecture and create custom configurations and policies.

With a Perimeter 81 account, you will be able to build and manage dedicated Private Gateways and collaborate with your team members remotely. Once you are connected to our Secured Gateways, the security and productivity of your company and team members will improve substantially.

We Provide Fully Managed, Cloud Access Gateways:

Our product is designed to make remote connectivity extremely simple for our users. Our management interface is straightforward and the performance of our network is optimized for rapid and secure connectivity anywhere in the world.

As a managed service, we will guarantee the uptime and performance of the servers that you create and allow you to personalize your network to your company's needs.

Platform Architecture

As you can see below, the three main components of the system are:

1) The Client Applications on the user's devices
2) The Cloud Management Platform
3) The Perimeter 81 Public and Private Cloud Gateways

The result of this network architecture is very simple. By always connecting to a Private Gateway and encrypting all traffic, employees can work securely and effectively from any device, anywhere in the world.

All of your traffic will be encrypted by our global server network.

All of your traffic will be encrypted by our global server network.

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What is Perimeter 81?

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